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Elementary inside the waistband holster


***RIGHT hand only at this time***

The Elementary is the perfect basic holster. All the features you need, with none that you don't.  This holster is precision formed on 3D designed, CNC machined molds, for the best fit and form possible. With perfect fixed retention, your weapon stays secure, yet draws smoothly.  Built with  American made high strength POLYMER belt clips, as opposed to inferior handmade Kydex clips, providing outstanding durability and security.

 Ships standard with a 1.50" belt clip.


-Rigid .08 Kydex                                                                                                                                  -High strength Polymer belt clip                                                                                                        -Adjustable draw cant                                                                                                                        -Fixed retention                                                                                                                                  -LIFETIME WARRANTY!

      ***RIGHT hand only at this time***

We highly recommend adding a small drop of Loctite,to all screws, once your personal adjustments have been made,

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